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Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Bassmaster Classic Final Thoughts

I still believe the best coverage they have ever done at a Classic was the interviews when the guys got off the water last year with this years live coverage being a close second. I thought the live coverage on Saturday was a bit of a dud after the great stuff they got live on Friday with the late start. The live coverage picked up steam again today with more fish being caught and the drama of it being the last day.  I thought the highlight of today's live coverage was Randy Howell missing that fish at the bridge.   Hopefully this is the last Classic where they don't offer live on the water coverage from start to finish.  Their decision to leave the best times of the day for catching fish out of the coverage is baffling to me.  If they thought it would build drama,  I suppose it did a little bit, but once Casey's weight was on the scale all the drama was gone.   Personally I watched the Major League Fishing re-run instead of paying attention to most of the weigh in.

I was really impressed with Powroznik in the post tournament interviews.

Casey Ashley is definitely a heck of a fisherman, especially on those blueback herring lakes.  Him winning kept my Fanatsy Team from being super mediocre.   I should have kept Wheeler.  Oh well.

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