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Friday, April 05, 2013

In the Mail Today- Jonathan Paul Fitovers and Christopherson's Crawtubes (and a Little Forgotten Treasure)

I really like the fact that they come with a permanently attached tether strap.
 I got 50 White Crawtubes and 50 Huckleberry Crawtubes from Christopherson's in Alexandria.
I put them in Zoom bags.
And while I was getting the Zoom bags I discovered some Crawtubes that I bought last year and forgot where in my big box of Zoom Horny Toads.  They are form Jerry's Baits and Tackle out of who knows where.  I got them on Ebay last year.  They are smoke/purple and bluegill.  They came in packs of 20 and I also transferred these to Zoom bags.


Mike B. said...

Hey Dave ...

Hope all is well.

The Huckleberry crawtubes are cool.

Did you get them on line or did you just stop in there and pick them up when you were at the store?

I'd like to pick some of them up for myself.


Mike B.

P.S. See you at the GOMH one of these days ...if it ever warms up a bit!!!

Mike B.

Basspastor said...

Hey Mike,

Good to hear from you!

I got them on Ebay. They are $17.99 plus shipping and sales tax. It came out to 45 cents a bait, but that was with the 50 White one's as well. I wouldn't call it a great deal, but it isn't a rip off either. Obviously if you are in the Alexandria area stopping in would be ideal, no shipping charges.

Basspastor said...


I'll give you some if I see you this Spring.

Mike B said...

Ok Dave ...thanks ...I appreciate it!

By the way ...I've also got a prototype lure for you to test and review for me if you would.

Not looking for you to necessarily post about it ... If you want to you sure can, but ... I would appreciate your comments to me on what your thoughts are after using it.

I'll be checking in with you soon ... see if there is a time we can meet up at the GOMH or other lake in the next month or so, depending on the weather, ice out, etc., so I can get a couple of them to you.

Thanks again!

Mike B.

Basspastor said...

Sounds good. My cell phone # is 320-232-3990