Friday, January 27, 2012

NBC Cuts Out God in Lindner's Angling Edge Show

Yesterday we got this word from Lindner's:
We received notice from NBC Sports regarding the inspirational message Al presents at the close of each program. The following is a quote from NBC Sports (formerly Versus) “Moving forward, NBC Sports Network will no longer allow any non-sports related content, such as religious content in their programs. Any religious references need to be removed entirely. This includes, but not limited to, on show opens or logos, graphics, animations or any references by talent or guests. This change goes into effect immediately.” Therefore, we have no choice but to remove this segment from our Angling Edge series. We have made the required adjustments and Angling Edge will air as scheduled.

I'm a little bit dumbfounded by this decision on NBC's part. Do they expect that Lindner's audience for the show isn't gonna be just a bit unhappy about this? Up until now the LAE show has been what it has been and that apparently has been acceptable to NBC. Now NBC has dictated these changes and it seems that that the Lindner's were contractually obligated to cut out everything. It's a shame!

However, at the end they tell us; The inspirational message will remain part of Fishing Edge airing on numerous networks. Below is a link to the TV air schedule and then they link to the TV Schedule


BaitMyLine said...

I, like you, am dumbfounded. It's actually quite upsetting. This is normally the time I go on a rant about the liberal media and the libs confusing "Separation of Church and State" with "Separation of Church from State", but I'll stay off the soapbox, this is your blog. Thanks for the info.

BaitMyLine and

Mike B. said...

The liberal morons have overtaken the earth!! Good Grief!!!

Just what in the heck are the networks afraid of????

This is another example of political correctness gone nuts!

OK, Dave. I'll shut up now.

Like the previous poster just said, it's your blog. But ... I couldn't help myself with this one.

So ...thanks for letting me spout off!

P.S. Hope you are getting better each day.