Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Could Use a Break!

Bass Parade Blog is giving out a Core Reel and sweet G. Loomis NRX853C Jig & Worm rod (7′ 1″, med-heavy, extra-fast tip).

Here is what they say:
Back to the question in the title. As much as I love the NRX and Core – and I do love them (*sniff*) – I’m giving them away, only slightly used. Why? I know life is tough for a bunch of folks out there right now, maybe this’ll make someone’s day, month, who knows. Plus I got plenty other rod/reel combos to catch the fishes.

Some of the folks out there who are hurtin’ are bassers, and no doubt they’d appreciate a job or some cash or a miracle more than an expensive rod/reel combo. But that’s all I got.

So: Anyone know someone who can really use a killer combo – and hopefully will really use it/fish with it?

Well in light of my Stroke at Christmas it is certainly something I could use and would use.

If anyone out their wants to send Jay at ( ) a good word for me it would be much appreciated.

Thanks Bass Pundit

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