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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Living the Dream

There is a new blog that I encourage everyone to visit: Living the Dream by Master Outdoorsman Spike Miller. Spike was my department manager at Gander Mountain in Maple Grove a couple of years ago and is probably the most knowledgeable and versitile fisherman and outdoorsman I've ever met. Spike is also a "natural" comedian and story teller. Well I haven't had time to read the blog, I have little doubt that it will evolve into a classic, if Spike sticks with it.

If he can just translate his story telling prowess, and this guy has stories upon stories, into a written form than we may have the bloggosphere's best writing pioneer on outdoor subjects. PUT THAT BLOG IN YOUR FAORITES AND READ OFTEN.

As for Spike, I will get up to Red this winter to fish those Wall, um I mean Crappies this winter. Expect a phone call sometime soon.

1 comment:

Jon Clausen said...

Thanks for the link to Spike's blog, BP! I posted a blog entry of my own with a link as well (with credit to you, of course:-)).