Tuesday, November 09, 2021

I Still Believe In Mike Zimmer

 It has been a brutal year for the MN Vikings and the fan base. I haven't been incredibly impressed with what have you done for me lately attitude of the fans. If the team turns this season around and makes the playoffs, we will absolutely deserve to be there, and Zimmer will deserve to be the Vikings head coach for as long as he wants to coach. If Kubiak gets his head out of his butt, this team should be fine. The defense is holding up their end of the bargain. 

I thought the Vikes should have gone for the 2pt conversion and the win vs. the Raven's. However, with the way Kubiak's play-calling has been working out this season, I can't say I blame Zim for not wanting to take that bet. Zim put his faith in the kicker for the D to hold on in regulation and, if needed, over time. He was rewarded twice by his D that had been on the field all day. That is a coach that knows his team, and it's a shame he wasn't rewarded for it.

I think the team has to be as frustrated. If I were the Chargers, I wouldn't take the Vikings lightly. I expect the Vikes to put on a smackdown this week.

I believe in you, Zim!   

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I do not :(