Monday, October 11, 2021

Frustrated Incorporated

 My last Vikings blog was after the Week 1 loss to the Bengals. The next two games left me feeling pretty optimistic as they scored at least 30pts in both games and D improving.  Then inexplicably, the wheels fell off the Offence vs. the Browns and continued to sputter vs. the Lions; They almost lost the game blowing a 10-point lead with 5-minutes left. Thankfully, the Lions left too much time on the clock, and Kirk got us in field goal range in three plays, and Joseph made the kick.  It is hard to feel good about the team after the last two Offensive performances. Still, a wins a win, no matter how ugly. There is a lot to feel good about on the defensive side of the ball. Vikes are going to be a tough out because of that fact. And I think our offense is close to working. Maybe things will click next week. 

I just was looking at this year's stats. They are in the top half of the league or higher in most of them. If the Vikes can just perform a little bit better and cut down on the penalties on Offense, they should be alright. 

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