Monday, February 22, 2021

Fishing Goals for 2021 Preview #1

I am planning on publishing my fishing goals for 2021 on March 1st. I think I will preview a few of my new goals for this year before I release them in their entirety next Monday.  I did my first fishing goal list here at Bass Pundit back in 2006. I didn't blog another list of goals until 2016. I have done it every year since always releasing them in March.

Under Technique & Tackle Goals I plan on adding 7 new goals for 2021. Among them are catching fish on at least 100 different lures, catching at least 25 fish on a Berkley Frenzy Popper, and catching a bass deep cranking on Sullivan Lake.  

I have only caught fish on a hundred different lures once in my life; That was in 2017. Every year since 2017 I have caught fish on 90 something different lures. I don't know how many different lures I own, but it's got to be north of 250. I've got at least 30 different hollow body frogs. If I've got 'em I might as well use 'em. The Berkley Frenzy Popper is a lure that fell out of favor with me because it doesn't cast as far as some others and deep cranking fell off my radar after moving north. I think I've tried it only once or twice unsuccessfully on Sullivan.  


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