Friday, October 09, 2020

Blindsided By Winter 2020, The Blog of My Final Trip In the Trophy This Year.


5:00-7:00PM West Point, Loon Sex Point, SPSI, Big Rice PT to AACane, NPBI, F Flat
66-72℉, PC, 4-15mph WNW
53℉ Water Low

Todd and I took the pontoon out of the lake, then went fishing. I don't think I got a bite at West Point, but maybe I caught a bass there on the Jackhammer. I know I got one for sure just past the rice. Then we went to Loon Sex Bay where the wind was more out of the West than I was expecting. Todd got a couple of pike as we worked down the point. Then we headed to SPSI and I got a bass after the Jackhammer got hung up on the bottom. I popped it free and then the bass popped the lure. Todd might have lost a fish or got hung on the buoy. Then we went to Big Rice Point. The wind was blowing pretty good there.  At AA Cane I got a bass and Todd got a pike.  Then we went to NPBI where Todd lost a good bass at the boat.  Then we went to F Flat where I had a couple of strikes on the Whopper Plopper that didn't hook up. I was dumbfounded that fishing wasn't better. I am totally gobsmacked by the fact that this was my last trip in the Trophy for 2020.  I fished tournaments the next two days and fished at Eddy's Jetty waiting for the weather to turn warmer, except it didn't. I pulled the Trophy out of the lake on the morning of Tuesday, October 20th before that day's snowstorm hit. We got about 8-inches in that one and about the same on Thursday the 22nd, followed by several days below freezing. Uff Dah!

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