Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Mille Lacs Closing For Walleye, I'm Not A Happy Camper Right Now

Just last week the word from the DNR was that a closure would not be necessary.  This is complete bullshit.  The lake is healthy and exceeding the quota by a little bit isn't going to change that fact.  This decision really has me steaming mad.

I have written the Governor and my state Rep. and Senator.


Dave Anderson said...

Saw your post on IDO. Yeah call the governor, see how much he gives a crap. Unfortunately their management of the lake has resulted in mismanagement. It's like the natural cycles cannot exist anymore and we need to normalize what is impossible to normalize. Let's see now, we want to have a stable population of walleyes but cannot do anything necessary to support a healthy population. Not enough baitfish, to many top level predators. I cannot remember when I caught a decent perch from there, maybe 20 years ago. At least we could knock the population down a year to allow some fish to recover. Same with the Tulibees, you idiots, easy to blame global warming, rather than they are being ate at a phenomenal rate. The shit show continues!

Basspastor said...

I don't usually contact politicians. But I do believe contacting them gets you heard. They use the information to gauge the temperature in the room. Politicians care about the temperature in the room. If it gets too hot or too cold they may not be in charge next election.