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Friday, July 13, 2018

My Snatchers Lake Edward Tournament Preview

Tomorrow I will be fishing a tournament on a lake I've never been on in my life, Lake Edward in Crow Wing County.  My boater Nate Steinbauer has been on the lake many times over the years and had a pretty decent pre-fish.  This will be the third time I've been paired with Nate.  I got a limit in both of the previous two. We have got warm/hot stable weather with light winds, but there isn't supposed to be a cloud in the sky tomorrow.  I'm really hoping there will be a topwater bite going on in the reeds;  I guess the lake is acres upon acres of them.  I'll just have to see how it goes.

The rods I'm bringing:
7'6" H LTB (Heavy Jig)
7'4" H Zillion (Jig)
7'4" XH Zillion (Frog)
7'4" H Tatula (Frog/Spinnerbait/Buzzbait)
7'4" H Avid-X (Sprinker Frog)
7'3" MH Lamiglas (Swimbait/Dinger)
7' H Avid (Texas Rig)
7' MH Mojo (ChatterJig)

6' MH Techna AV (Dock/Fluke)

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