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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Bay Lake Quick Report

Man, that was a super soaker tournament.  Thankfully, the forecasted thunderstorms never materialized, but boy did it rain.  I learned that if ever rain is in the forecast that I should bring an extra pair of socks and shoes to put in the car.  Driving home with dry feet sure would have been nice.  I only managed to get two two pounders in the boat, which was one more than my boater Chuck Steinbauer had, so I managed to beat him by a couple of ounces.  That is the first time I've beaten him out of 5 tournaments fished together.  I'll call this tournament a win for that reason.  My 10lb bag will hopefully put me in the top half of 28 guys, but if past tournaments are any indication I'll land on the bottom half of that line.  I'll have my full report sometime after the official results are released. 

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