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Monday, May 14, 2018

Sun/Mon At Eddy's Jetty

24.5"/4.93lb Grass Pig
11:45PM-3:30AM Eddy's Jetty
Conditions: 50's, Clear, No Wind, Water Level Low and Clear
My arsenal tonight
I was pleasantly surprised to see no ice at Eddy's.  The low clear water made for some awesome fish viewing.  I went to the North Jetty harbor mouth.   There were suckers and walleyes swimming together in the harbor.  On my first cast, I had a small pike follow the grass pig.  Also, a small dogfish checked it out.  On about my fifth cast, I got the 24 incher.  I thought this could be good.  It wasn't.  I was about to give up at 1:30AM when I got another eye on the Grass Pig.
18" Grass Pig
The rest of the night was spent watching fish not bite.  Saw a couple of ski's dozens of suckers and many eyeballs swimming around.  When I was packing to leave a SW breeze came up.  I didn't think it would turn them on and I needed a break, so I went home.

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