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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ice Fishing Goals Winter '17-'18

Winter has come to Minnesocold!  It looks like we are in for a long one this year.  I thought I would do something I haven't done before and come up with some goals for my ice fishing this season.  Doing such a thing hasn't really entered my mind before, at least not since I started blogging.  I have not considered doing this before for a few reasons.  It never came to mind.  I have ice fished primarily the past few years to pass the winter and relieve some cabin fever.   And the weather.  If the weather isn't to my liking I won't go out.  So generally if it's below 20℉ I won't go out or if there is too much snow I won't go out.  Not knowing in advance how many days I will go out in a season makes coming up with realistic goals kind of tricky.  I'm going to try doing it anyway.

Completed goals in bold.

Tackle Goals:
1.  Have my gear ready to go by the 24th of November

Fishing Buddies:
1.  Teach my niece Devin to ice fish (and Isabelle and Mallory if they come up this winter)
2. Teach Ice Fishing to my brother Steve
3. Fish with Michael "Cyberfish" Thompson
4. Fish with Jim Bonin
5. Fish with Peter W.
6. Fish with Dad
7. Fish with a least 1 other person. (I fished with Pete)

1. Blog every time I reach a goal.
2. Record all trips at Fish Swami
3. Blog all trips at the  Fishing Log Blog.

Fish Goals:
1.   Catch at least 500 fish
2. Catch an average of at least 20 fish per outing.

1. Catch at least 200 (291 for the Winter)

1. Catch at least 200 (5 Sunfish Caught)

1. Catch at least 1. (0 Bass caught)

1. Catch at least 1 (I only caught 1 last winter) (0 Pike caught)

1. Catch at least 1. (0 Pike caught)
2. Fish at Mille Lacs for them at least once.

1. Catch at least 1 (Haven't caught one since I started ice fishing again) (0 Tullibee Caught)

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