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Friday, September 22, 2017

Snatcher Little Boy/Wabedo Preview

Tomorrow is my last chance to achieve any of the goals I set for my Snatcher Tournaments back in March.   To make the Top 10 at the end of the year is probably going to require me achieving the goal of a Top 3 finish as well.  Not being able to fish at Thunder Lake probably killed my chances because of the total bomb at North Long.  All I can do is fish hard all day, hope I get the right bites, and am able to land them.  The fish might be chomping🤞.  I like the fact that my boater Alan Steinbauer has a Phoenix boat.  It's wide open layout on the passenger side has plenty of room for me to bring a few extra rods.

Here's what I'm bringing:
7'6" H LTB (1oz Jig)
7'4" H Tatula (Frog)
7'4" XH Zillion (Frog)
7'4" H Avid X (Sprinker Frog)
7'4" H Zilion  (1/2oz Jig)
7'3" MH LTB (Toads)
7'3" H Lamiglas (Mag Fluke/ Swimbait/Swim jig)
7'2" H Tatula (3/8oz Jig)
7'2" MH Tatula (Topwater/Wake/Chatter Jig)
7' H Avid (Craw Tube)
6'10" MH Crucial (Buzzbait/Spinnerbait/Topwater)

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