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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Son of a ******

Even though it was after 8PM and fast getting dark I made the decision to try going fishing in the snow.  I turned onto the Grumpy Old Man Hole road at Richardson Corners.  About a 1/4 mile down I had to brake really hard to avoid hitting a deer. The back seat that is up and supposed to prevent the minnows from tipping over wasn't locked in place and gave way.  The minnow bucket spilled over with such force that the latch gave way and the top of the bucket came completely off.  So basically I had a catastrophic failure of the two things that are supposed to prevent this from happening.  When I looked back and saw minnows flitting around I reached back, got the minnow bucket upright and proceeded immediately to the GOMH.  There I discovered only 2 minnows and very little water left in the minnow bucket.  I spent over half an hour trying to get all the minnows.  Not an easy task under the passenger side front seat of the Kia.  I decided fishing was out and headed home.

I managed to find 2 more minnows when I got home.  Hopefully I got them all.

Well that sucked!  

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