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Thursday, October 13, 2016

It Was the Fuel Line, Stupid

The New Fuel Line
In May 2013 the motor on the Trophy started giving me problems. When I would open it up to full throttle it would start to sputter like it wasn't getting gas.  We tried switching the fuel lines and the problems persisted.  I only got the boat out a few times that year because the fishing was so phenomenal at the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  In 2014 the fishing at the GOMH was pretty darn good as well and I didn't put the boat in the water once.  In 2015 with low water fishing at the GOMH declined precipitously.  However instead of turning to the Trophy I fished out of the Slop Slip instead and never got the Trophy wet.

I finally put the Trophy in the water again this year and it of coarse was still giving me the same problems.  We put on different connector ends on the fuel line, problem not fixed.  It didn't really matter that much because I had the boat parked at the lake place.  I was pretty much content to fish where the trolling motor would take me fishing no farther than a quarter of a mile from the lake place.

When Pete was here last month we ended up fishing out to about a mile away.  It was getting dark, so we started the gas motor and on the way back Pete got the motor to run at full throttle by holding the fuel line tight against the motor.  He suggested I go buy a brand new fuel line and see if that didn't fix the issue.  When we switched fuel lines back in 2013 they were both who knows how old at that point.  I finally got around to buying a new fuel line last week.  Yep, the fuel line was the problem.  I'm so glad to have my motor back up and working correctly.

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