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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FLW Tour Changes for 2015 & 16

Here is the synopsis from Wired2Fish:

  • Pros will be allowed to wear their own jerseys on final day
  • Exclusive FLW sponsors move from 31 to 9.
  • The field has been capped at 150 pros (down from 180 in 2014).
  • Co-angler competition will conclude on day 2 of all 2015 FLW Tour events including the Forrest Wood Cup
  • Starting in 2016, the Forrest Wood Cup will be a pro-only event.
  • Pro entry fees have slightly increased by $300 per event to $25,800 for the six tournaments ($4,300 per event) – co-angler fees are $800 per tournament.
I don't have any argument with any of the changes.  I could care less who's Jersey's a pro wears on any day of competition.  I think making The Cup exclusive to Pro's only was the right move.

Here is FLW's spin on it.

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