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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bass Snatcher Blind Tournament at Fish Trap Lake

If I can catch a limit tomorrow I am virtually guaranteed my best finish of the year to date;  We've only got 10 boats fishing.  I drew Guy Henkensiefken for the second year in a row for the blind tournament and he's always given me a fair shot in his boat.  He has won both of the tournaments I fished with him.  Last year my heart just wasn't in it at Cullen Chain; I got my limit and checked out.  I'm going into this one just hoping to get a limit, and maybe if I'm lucky I can at least make a top 10 this year.

Fish Trap has clear water and it's supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain, so the fish should be biting.  Winds are supposed to be light so I'm hoping topwater will play.  I didn't have to switch much gear around from Pelican.  I basically dropped the Yabbies and added Horny Toads and a couple of Snagproof frogs otherwise all the baits I'm carrying our the same.  I switched out a couple of rods and one reel.

I guess we will see what's up in the morning.

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