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Thursday, October 17, 2013

My New Phantom's

I spotted these Stanley Phantom's in an Ebay auction for 70 assorted lures.  I asked if he was willing to sell me all the Phantom's separate and he was, so we agreed upon a price.  The bone and white one are back ups for one's I already have.  The blue one is the same one I lost these summer when I got broken off.  The black, bullfrog, rainbow, and white with the spot and scales are ones I've never seen before.  With the way the weather is looking I probably won't be trying any of these until next year.


Pike Fishing Chris said...

And the Spring fishing itch begins. Thank God for football. It's the only thing that keeps my fishing nerve calm over the winter. :)

Texas Bass Fishing said...

Whoa! I think there are other models for those as well. Start collecting them as a hobby as well. ;)

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