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Monday, March 18, 2013

My New Cabela's Tackle Bag Vs My Old Bag

My old tackle bag that was really a soft sided cooler that I thought would make a good tackle bag is pretty beat up.  All the zippers no longer work.  I've had it for over 10 years and it was time to get something else.   I ended up buying a new "Super Magnum" sized Cabela's Advanced Anglers Tackle Bag.  I wasn't sure when I bought it if it was bigger, smaller, or the same size as my old bag.
As you can see from the pictures the Cabela's bag is both longer and taller.  The inside is 4 inches longer and 2 inches taller;  It has 13 extra pockets to 3 in the old bag.  Basically I can carry the same amount of stuff or even more if I want too.  I'll have room to put my rain gear inside, no problem.
The waterproof base is nice but it adds a fair amount of weight


Kisha Kitchens said...

Your new tackle bag is very remarkable! Having a bag like that is very handy if you’re the type of person who loves to travel around or go on outdoor adventures. Barely looking at it, I’m sure that it’s very durable. Plus, having that many pockets will keep you from worrying about pockets having broken zippers.

Basspastor said...

Thanks Kisha. I really hope the zippers hold up. They see to be quite a bit sturdier than my old bag, which wasn't really built for fishing.