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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BP 4 Pete 3

Pete and I went out shore fishing again from 8PM until 9:45PM.  We went by the GOMH and didn't stop even though Willard was there.  Platte Lake Access was being fished, so we went to the River Culverts.  Pete got the first couple of bass on the Yum Wooly Bug.
I then caught a 16" on the Wooly Bug on a weighted swimbait hook.
Pete caught his last bass on the WB and I got a 15.5".  Pete hung the WB up in the weeds and I had to break it off.  Pete then got his waders and retrieved his Rapala from last night.  I got a chunky 19" on the Wooly Bug.
Right after that I lost the grip pin off the swimbait hook, so we were SOL on the weedless bottom bumping lures.

We went to the outlet on the South end of Sullivan and I amazingly caught a walleye on the Pure Poison w/ Craw Fatty.
Pete waded around but didn't get anything.

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