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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tigerhawk goes fishing
I've been a periodically avid fisherman since I caught my first smallmouth bass at age five. In addition to the savage smallmouth, the Adirondack lake where I learned to fish has walleyes and northern pike, and at various times I have pursued these as well. I've just returned from two lovely weeks up North, and had a very nice time reliving fishing memories through my tackle box. Any tackle box collects, over the years, a wide assortment of lures, each with its own story, or the grating absence of a story. Mine is no exception. In addition to lake fishing, I have at various times also pursued largemouth bass in weedy farm ponds, fished for carp and channel catfish in the muddy Iowa River, and sought trout and landlocked salmon in fast, clear running streams. Of course I share a fisherman's attraction to pretty, shiny lures of new shapes and sizes, and am far easier to tempt than the fish I pursue, and as a result my tackle box is crammed with all sorts of lures.

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