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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How much longer until bass opener? Anyone seen any dogfish I can catch?

It's been a pretty lethargic last couple of days, I did get the boat cleaned and visited the Minnesota Fishing Museum with Dad yesterday.

Go check Hellabass for some interesting Wapo informationO. I am amazed that he would write about his pre-fish before the tournament was over. Or maybe he was doing PsyOps with the competition.

Here is Cyberfish's openner report: via
No walleyes for me either. We took some kids out on a pontoon for some pike
and crappies. the lake I wanted to fish had too shallow ramp for the toon.
Decided to mosey on over to whaletail, where I have heard rumors of huge pike
and slabs. Well, I am sure they are in there, but we didnt find em. The bass
must have known the season was closed, cuz that is all that was biting! I threw
a huge spinner with a heavey steel leader, but only got two nice bass. Mitch our
best GEM fishing guide boated a huge bass over 21inches and full of eggs. No
pike not even a hammer handle, no crappies, one kid got a couple of sunfish on
waxworms. Everyone had a good time, we got out of the wind and it didnt rain too

Kim, I think you should have your baby today;)

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HellaBass said...

Yep, that is real info on my prefishing report. It is just a club tournament, not much other than pride at stake ;) I am avoiding some key specifics, but general patterns and lures are accurate. Part of the fun will be to see how long it takes for the guys in my club to catch on....

I will be publishing info on my prefishing for the Bassmasters Weekend Series, but I am undecided if I will publish before tournament...
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