Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OBN Prompting- Why I Started and Still Blog and Un-Frame Worthy Photo

The Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN) is a blog dedicated to networking, encouraging, and enhancing the sphere of the blogosphere that is inhabited by outdoor enthusiast bloggers. One of the things they do is "prompt" us bloggers to write or photo blog about certain things. I'm knocking out the last two prompts with this post. I'll start with the most recent which is a writing prompt.

Why do you blog about your Outdoor Experiences? What got you started with that first blog entry? Are the reasons you started blogging the same now as when you started? Has blogging changed anything for you? And so on…

I started Bass Pundit blog on November 20th of 2004 and in my very first post I wrote: This Blog will be a true fishing weblog with Pics of the BP's fishing exploits, successes and misses starting in 2005, along with being used for other miscellaneous purposes such as Commissioning a Fantasy Bass Fishing League, ripping or praising products, and commentary on bass fishing issues, personalities, and news.

I basically started this blog to enhance my experience with my bass fishing and fishing hobby. I had a heart attack in 2003 that left me disabled and I had a lot of time on my hands and this was something productive that I could do that I thought might be fun and interesting. Although at times in the past 6 years my enthusiasm for blogging has wavered I kept at it and in the past few years blogging has become a much more important part of my life. I blog because I enjoy doing it and I do find it fun and interesting. Through blogging I have met some pretty cool people and learned a great deal. I have certainly enhanced my overall bass fishing experience.

The second earlier OBN Prompt was a Photo Prompt: post the photo that most likely will never find itself in a photo frame in your house.

So here it is, a genuine Tiger Bullhead I took the picture so Tami Curtis would know what a tiger bullhead looked like.


Coloradocasters said...

Great shot at the end of your wall hanger perch. Been following for a while and really dig your posts. Great stuff.

Children's Outdoor Toys said...

I am quite new to this blog but I must tell yo u that I am loving it already. I really like your posts and highly admire your skills as well. Also would like to mention about the picture, it is tunning..
Well clicked..