Thursday, March 20, 2008

Putting the Dogs to bed: I do more of my blogging late night than at any other time of the day. Something happened tonight that happens every couple of days. I start in on the computer and our little dog Lila started fussing at me. Lila will fuss at me for food, to go to the outside, or to get tucked into bed. I had already taken Lila out for the night and fed her so she was fussing for me to put her to bed. To do this I need to go into my bedroom and lay down on the bed until she lays down and gets ready to sleep. Usually our Black Lab Patti Lou comes and joins in. The pic is after the two have settled in for the night or so I hope.

Patti usually comes out to join me at some point to beg for a treat bone. Lila is conditioned to hear Patti's footsteps on the kitchen floor and when Patti starts chewing up her treat bone, Lila gets out of bed to come get a treat bone too. After I get them the treat bone they settle down for a while until the process repeats itself or I go to bed.
Update: It's 2AM and Patti just came out for her midnight snack, as soon as she walked off the kitchen floor, there came Lila looking for hers.

Update: It's now 3AM and Patti came out for her 2nd midnight snack, followed of coarse by Lila. This is it! If Patti tries it again, I'll just tell her to lay down until she does.

Mom and Cat

Cyberfish of MT Buckett got a cool video of sight fishing Crappies through the ice...

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