Sunday, March 13, 2005

The new family member: Lilah!

How's this for compunction, I'm all set to take the new dogs picture but when I do, she does this:
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As if to say; "No picutres Please! It's been a long trip from Florida and I need my beauty sleep.

Just what we needed, another Diva Dog.

I have not made up my mind about this little one yet. Is she more of a rat than a weasel or Paris Hilton Twinkerbell Dog.
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Actually, Lilah seems to be a pretty cool little mut and I kind of feel sorry for her. I wonder, which is worse for her, having to live under the intimidation of my darling niece Haley or having to deal with Pattie Lou.
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From Mom and Dad's reports on the road, I thought Lilah was gonna come right in and establish herself as Alpha female, but Pattie isn't having that. Pattie seems to know who is smaller and how all she needs to do is throw her size and weight around and Lilah won't be able to compete. Lilah doesn't seem to know the meaning of quit or give up at least until Pattie gets a little to physical and then Lilah runs away.

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