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Thursday, July 04, 2019

The Tale Of My Other 25hp Johnson

"The Other Johnson" 
I had mounted my new to me 1993 Johnson 25hp motor back in May of 2010, but there was something about that motor I didn't trust.  Electric start, but it didn't have a pull start as back up in case the battery died or something like that.  There was an eBay auction, I think in June 2010, with a 2001 25 HP Johnson that had an electric start/pull start, so I bid on it.  I didn't win the bid, but the winning bidder backed out and I was given the chance to buy it for my bid amount.  I decided to take him up on the offer as had I won the original bid I was going to get the motor.  So Dad and I drove up north of Bemidji to go and get it.

I had been using the 93 Johnson for a couple of months by then and was pleased as punch with it.  So the newer motor just sat in our garage, then in the pole barn.  I didn't give much thought too it.  So this year on Sunday, June 2nd the older Johnson broke down.  My hope was that it would be a quick fix and I would be up and running in no time.  Pete was coming up the next weekend and he would be able to fix it if that was the case.  That wasn't the case. A part had to be ordered and Pete lives in Lake City in SE Minnesota. I was so depressed out about it not being a quick fix I just shrugged off Pete's suggestion that we get the other Johnson and put it on. Pete went back home and I was catching eyes at Mille Lacs at Eddy's Jetty, so things were OK my world.  My brother Todd got back from his two-week long family trip to Alaska the last week of June. It became clear during that week that trolling motor only fishing wasn't cutting it.

With Todd and Steve both up here over 4th of July week.  We got the motors switched out on the 3rd.  The maiden voyage was a success and now hopefully we are good to go on "My Other 25hp Johnson."   

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