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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Platte Lake Ice Out Prediction for 2019

I'm giving this years prediction a day late thanks to Facebook not showing Bass Pundit linked posts in my Memories for the time being.  Hopefully, that isn't a permanent change that Facebook made.

Anyway, I'm not liking the way this Spring has started, because it hasn't.  Temps have been below normal for a month with frequent nuisance snows and more of the same is on the way.  Because of that fact it going to take a significant swing in the weather for us to have ice off in April up here.  I wouldn't bet on it.  I think ice out will be later than last year and I could easily see it breaking the May 8th record set back in 2013.  My prediction is that we do indeed set a new record this year with ice going off Platte Lake on May 9th.  I really hope I'm wrong and it goes off at least a week earlier than that.


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