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Friday, January 12, 2018

2017 Fishing Goals Achieved (and Not)

Goals achieved in bold green
Goals not achieved in red
Partly achieved in purple
Commentary in blue

Fishing Buddies:
1. Fish with Dad at least 5 times. Dad fished with me 1 time.  Not great, but that beats zero.
2. Fish with Mike Thompson
3. Fish with Jim Bonin
4. Fish with  Mike "Spike" Miller
5. Fish with Jeff and Renee
6. Fish with Todd and the girls several times
7. Take Peter W. out in the Trophy at least once.
8. Take Matt W. out in the Trophy at least once.
9. Fish with Dave Lindmark
10. Fish with Christopher Glaze
Dream Fishing Buddies:
1. Fish with Josh Douglas
2. Fish with Al Lindner
Maybe I'll do better in 2018.  I would have to give myself a D for making an effort to get out fishing with other people in 2017.  

Bass Snatcher Goals:
1.  Get "Wood" in at least one tournament. (1st-3rd Place Finish or Lunker) If I would have landed that limit fish on the Mississippi I would have gotten 3rd place.  So Close!
2. Win my 1st tournament. (My best finish to date is 2nd Place.)
3. Get "Lunker" in a tournament.   (Preferably one over 5-8 to win the revolving big bass pot that I'm now entered in thanks to somebody finally winning it last year.  With 3 big bass lakes on the schedule there is a shot.)
4. Get paired with Chuck Fields.  (He usually only fishes a couple of tournaments a year so chances of it ever happening are not very good.)
5. Finish in the Top 10 at the end of the year.  (Something I haven't done since 2011) Not fishing Thunder sunk this one.
6. Catch a limit at every tournament of the year.  (I've done this twice, but in 2012 I only fished 4 out of the 6 tournaments due to a bad back.) A tough year for limits with only two out of 5 tournaments fished.
7. Pre-fish with at least 3 boaters. I pre-fished 4 tournaments, plus the Challenge Cup
8. List the Rods I'm bringing for each tournament before the tournament.

Technique & Tackle Goals:
1. Win something in Fantasy Fishing or Facebook giveaway/contest. Won a 13 Fishing Hat.  Had a terrible year in Fantasy.
2. Catch fish on a Lucky Craft Gunfish 117
3. Catch a fish on % of Mystery Tackle Box Lures
    3a. 1st Box 100% (5 out of 5) 3 out of 5
    3b. 2nd Box 60% (3 out of 5) 2 out of 5
    3c. 3rd Box 110 % (6 out of 6)
4. Catch a fish on the Rapala BX Waking Minnow
5. Catch a bass on the Salmo Bass Bug Caught pike on it several times, no bass though.
6. Get my brother Todd set up with a Frog rod.
7.  Officially Open the Tackle Warehouse this year. (I never did that in 2016)

1. Blog about anytime I reach a goal. I wasn't 100% vigilant.
2. Record all fishing trips at Fish Swami Think I missed a trip or two
3. Fish at least 150 days and blog about them 213 Days fished in 2017
4. Do a better job of blogging when the Elites come for the AOY this year on Mille Lacs. Failed spectacularly.  Heart just wasn't in it.

Fish Goals:
1. Catch Devin's birthday bullhead on May 20th.
2. Average 5 fish caught per hour. (4.08 in 2016, 3.62 in 2015, 3.55 in 2014, 4.41 in 2013, 4.31 in 2012, 2.77 in 2011) 3.99fph in 2017.  I just love topwater fishing too much.
3. Catch 3,000 Fish 3209 fish caught in 2017

1. Catch a new personal best. (Currently 14.25")
2. Catch* over 300 this year. (Caught 306 in 2016) 515 Crappies caught in 2017.

1. Win my 3rd Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Championship
2. Catch a MN State Record fish. (11-4  or 35" x 20")
3. Catch a new personal best.

1. Catch* over 200 this year. (Caught 488 in 2016) 798 Pike caught in 2017
2. Catch a 38" or over/personal best.

1. Catch a 21plus inch or 6lb Largemouth
2. Catch a 21plus inch or 6lb Smallmouth
3. Catch* over 1,000 bass this year. 1,238 Largie and 26 Smallies caught in 2017
4. Catch* at least 25 smallies.  (I caught 24 last year)

1. Catch at least 30. 40 eye's caught in 2017
2. Catch 30" or new personal best. (28.5 is current PB)

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