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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Da Bears Beat the Vikings 27-13

This one was basically over before it began because of the injury to Bernard Berrian and the continuing absence of Sidney Rice. I'm sorry but a receiver corps of Harvin, Lewis, and Camerillo spells serious trouble for Adrian Peterson against a good Bears defence who could stack the box in any possible running down. For this game outside in windy Chicago running the ball was critical. Peterson had 51 yards for the game, with a 3 yard average.

The Vikings really needed Randy Moss in this game, but thanks to Chilly's ego this season is now pretty much a lost cause. Fire Chilly!!!

I should also mention that the Vikings Defence was horrendous on 3rd Down and Cutler thouroughly shredded our pass rush and pass defence.

This game wasn't even close as the final score reflects.

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Jon @ said...

The Bears needed this one. Solid game by Cutler and the defense. Go Bears!